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How to change Chart Properties

In order to change the properties of a chart, we can do the following.

While at a chart, we type F8 and the Properties window pops up.

At the COMMON tab, we can define some of the chart features.image9

Some of the main options are:

Bar Chart: Which shows the chart as a Bar Chart

Candlesticks: Charts are shown as Candlestick charts

Line Chart: Graphs are displayed

It’s shown at the upper-left corner and it displays the opening, maximum, mínimum and closing of the present candlelight.

Show Ask Line: Shows the Ask bit.

Show Period Separators: Shows a vertical line at the start of each day

Show Grid: Mostrara la cuadricula en la pantalla

Show Volumes: Shows the operation volumes of each candlestick

Show Object Descriptions: It displays the description of each object drawn in the chart (including indicators, trend lines or shapes like rectangles and ellipses)

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