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GDP is the value of all final goods and services produced in the US. It is the broadest measure of economic activity and the principal indicator of economic performance.

Current Account

Also known as the balance of payments, this data analyzes all transactions between the US and the rest of the world. It is the most comprehensive measure of international transactions.

Non-Farm Payrolls

A component of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Report which is the single most important report on economic activity.


This index measures the change in prices for a fixed basket of goods and services, which is purchased by consumers.


A composite of economic variables designed to signal turning points in the economy. As a rule of thumb, three declines in a row are interpreted as signaling a recession (with an average lead time of about 12 months).

ISM Manufacturing

Approximately 300 companies are asked to comment on the relative growth of five categories relating to the manufacturing sector. Results over 50 are bullish, whereas results under 50 are bearish.

ISM Non-Man.

Growth survey for non-manufacturing sectors.

Industrial Production

Primarily a gauge for manufacturing activity, measures the total output of all factories, mines, and utilities. This indicator is extremely useful for predicting shifts in overall economic cycles, and can be used to gauge changes in GDP.

Durable Goods

This indicator measures the total number of manufacturers' orders for durable goods, which are defined as goods with a foreseeable lifespan of three years or more. It acts as a gauge for manufacturing activity.

Empire State Manufacturing

Participants from a variety of industries within New York state are asked to evaluate current and upcoming conditions.

Philly Fed

A survey of manufacturing in the Philadelphia Reserve Bank district. An especially important component is the current general activity index

Existing Home Sales

A private report on sales of previously-owned single-family homes. Along with new home sales as an economic indicator.

Personal Income

Consumption accounts for two-thirds of GDP, and income is the main determinant of consumption.

Personal Consumption

Consumption consists of purchases of goods and services; it accounts for two-thirds of GDP.

U. Mich. Con. Confidence

This survey asks consumers to evaluate the overall business climate as it pertains to their own situation. There is a direct correlation between consumer sentiment and the growth of consumer spending; the latter is especially important because it makes up two-thirds of GDP.

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