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1. Adding Indicator data to MT4 graphs

Metatrader 4 Tip 1 – Adding Indicator data to MT4 graphs


  1. Find the Main Menu on the upper part of Metatrader 4’s  Operation Platform.MetaTrader Main Menu
  2. On the left side, you will find the Button Bar.Button Bar
  3. Click on the INDICATORS button to add a new indicator to our MT4 graph.Indicators Button
  4. In this menu we will find all the MT4 Indicators.  Some of them are classified according to their use:TREND: these are the indicators used when the market is on a trend.
    OSCILLATORS: the indicators used when the market oscillates.
    CUSTOM: indicators that can be used to personalize the information.
  5. Select the MOVING AVERAGE indicatorMoving Average Indicator
  6. Define the parameters of this indicatorParameters of Moving Average Indicator
  7. And so, this is how we add an indicator to our graph in Metatrader 4Indicator on the Graph

For more information about Metatrader 4 and other software alternatives, consult Metaquotes.

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