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Currenex hub

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  Order Types:
Stop Loss
Stop Limit
Trailing Stop
One Click Trading
Order Options:
(Immediate or Cancel)
GTC (Good till Canceled)
Timed (Hrs, Mins, Secs)
Partial Fills (Enable/Disable)
Minimum Fill Size
OCO (One Cancels Order)
If Done
If Done One Cancels Order

WCI’s Currenex hub is built on the CX Application Platform, a scalable, fault-tolerant, istributed system architecture implemented in Java. Developed by a team of talented engineers in Silicon Valley, the CX Application Platform is the fruit of four years of development. It is the same team that has won numerous industry awards and was the innovator of online FX trading during the 1990 s.

All order processing is 100% automatic and is only subject to credit and liquidity constraints. The wide varieties of orders executed are automatically matched and distributed through FPT’s vast liquidity pools via the algorithmic CX matching engine. The CX matching engine supports the following order types, expiry options, and conditions. Various options and conditions can be combined to create a large number of permutations.

live executable pricesThe interactive platform allows traders to initiate buys or sells directly on to from the chart, with entry and exit trades clearly indicated. Charts also detail your holdings via a VWAP line. Our platform gives the technical trader the tools needed to plot a profitable strategy. The platform also includes integrated research and market commentary as well as breaking news feeds and reference data.

The platform provides live executable streaming prices aggregated from major liquidity providers. The multi-bank liquidity pool that DCFX’s clients have access to ensure both large and small trade sizes can be accommodated. There are over 50 currency pairs available and a full list with appropriate margins can be provided on request.

Charting remains crucial for tracking spot currency pair pricing, weather using tick by tick updates or scalable time frames to analyze historic data. Investors can execute spot FX directly on the chart or through an intuitive one-click interface that streams real-time rates. Transaction history, communication tools, positions and account reporting are all available on screen.


WCI’s integrated news ticker is an in depth, real-time news source offering streaming headlines that allow users to stay abreast of world financial interests and significant market shifts.

A single click brings up the full story, chronicling information relating to international economic and industry news.As well as providing the latest financial news, the research ticker provides market commentary as well as research focused on the forex markets.

Our platform allows traders to initiate buys or sells directly from the chart, with entry and exit trades clearly highlighted.

The interface offers various chart styles with a host of technical indicators and 13 line studies. It also provides analysis of price action, scalable by time date and period.

There is also the provision of a weekly economic calendar detailing release times of all upcoming economic announcements.


The fully distributed system allows WCI the ability to provide millisecond order matching. Complex order types like Pegged, Stops, and Conditional orders are managed by the Complex Order Handler. This allows the matching engines to only process market and limit orders. As a result, the matching engines are able to handle substantially more simultaneous orders and higher update rates. This approach is scalable to approximately 100,000 simultaneous GTC limit orders under fast market conditions.

All this technology is hosted in highly available data centers spread around the globe. The skilled technicians of Currenex monitor, maintain and load-balance the facilities on a 24 hour basis. As voted in the e-FX awards hosted by FX Week, the Currenex tech support team is one of the best technical development teams in the industry.

RISK WARNING: Trading in Forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs), which are leveraged products, is highly speculative and involves substantial risk of loss. It is possible to lose more than the initial capital invested. Therefore, Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors. Only invest with money you can afford to lose. So please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Seek independent advice if necessary.